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I don’t know about you, but I love watching tv shows and movies with characters who reflect myself, my family, and my friends. I love seeing people who look like me or sound like me fall in love. I love gay love!! I love interracial love! I love black love! I love shows like Pose, the Fosters, Queer Eye, Tales of the City, Hollywood, Black Lightning, Glee, and AJ the Queen.

But none of these shows air on Logo. LogoTV is an American Basic cable channel that originally catered to an LGBTQ audience. Eventually, however, the network changed some of…

We need to move more towards a genderless society where people are free to be their authentic selves and explore their interests without barriers due to gender

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Today women are becoming more and more progressive tossing the restrictive roles that have been placed on them in the trash. Women are realizing that the toxic and sexist beliefs and behaviors that men and society, in general, had about women are no longer acceptable. I myself as a male fully support confronting anti-female sexism, as well as #metoo, and any other culture, belief, or action that puts women in a box and or undermines their equal setting in society. I myself have felt the most support as a gay man from women. …

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If you’re racist unfriend me. If you’re sexist unfriend me. If you're homophobic unfriend me. The first thing I think of when I see such posts is, how many of your friends on your friend list are overtly homophobic, racist, sexist, etc? I’d say that if someone is so overtly homophobic for example, they probably would have already unfriended their gay friends anyway, or at least the ones who don’t agree with them right?

Then I wonder, what does a homophobe, racist, sexist, bigoted person even mean? That should be obvious right? Duh!! It’s someone who hates or dislikes gay…

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This month the Supreme Court will be deciding on a case that will untimely decide whether LGBTQ+ rights will be protected from discrimination in the foster care system or whether discrimination against sexual orientation will be allowed in the name of religious freedom.

Fulton v. Philidephia is a case about whether or not private religious foster care agencies have the right to refuse service to same-sex couples looking to welcome a child into their homes. This case will be a precedent for two things, freedom from discrimination and also freedom of religion. …

Context and history

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We are in the month of June, also considered International Pride Month; and just last month, NYC pride event organizers decided to put a ban on law enforcement participation, or at least ban them from participating while in uniform. In their statement, they urged police to acknowledge their harm that they cause to the LGBT community. Cities such as Denver, Seattle have followed suit, and last year Toronto and Vancouver Canada also made similar bans on uniformed police participation in their Pride parade.

“The sense of safety that law enforcement is meant to provide can instead be threatening, and at…

A parent should love their child for who they are.

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One thing that always gets me in my feelings is seeing supportive fathers of their gay sons. Seeing fathers support their sons who are gay always reminds me of my father who isn’t.

My father wasn’t very active in my life. My mother and he ended when I was about 4. My mother moved back to Wisconsin with me when I was 5. So I was living 854 miles away from New Jersey and my father.

I would occasionally go visit him alone.

I remember times where I would break down crying asking for him. I remember one time being…

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I have made a conscious decision to no longer label people as racists, sexists, homophobes, criminals, good, bad, liar, etc. I have decided to label and address the actions, beliefs, ideas, and thoughts of people rather than the person themselves. I strongly believe we are more than just one adjective. We are more than our worst act. We are more than our beliefs and actions. We are complex beings with differing actions and beliefs that sometimes contradict themselves.

We as people have a tendency to label others. We label them to quicken our thought process. Labeling others also helps us…

Coming out of two closets

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Although the rainbow flag has been a symbol of inclusion and pride for LGBTQ+ people, the LGBTQ+ community hasn’t always been very inclusive. We Gay people demand that religious people, family members, and strangers love and accept us for who we are, yet our own love and acceptance are limited within our own community.

Our door of love and acceptance closes at the presence of femininity. It’s time we admit, acknowledge, and talk about femmephobia within the gay community because guess what… there’s definitely a femmephobia problem within the gay community.

In the gay community, the act of passing as…

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For a few years now I have been afraid to date White men. Not against, but afraid. And it’s something I’ve been battling with internally for a while.

Why am I afraid? Well, I’m afraid to fall in love with a White man and all of a sudden hear him say the N-word. I’m afraid to date a White man who views me as his sexual fetish aka BBC aka big black cock. I’m afraid to date a White man who “ doesn’t see color” and participates in colorblind racism. I’m afraid to date a White man who is oblivious…

Let’s have an important conversation about the barriers that people with disabilities are facing

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Last month I wrote about ableism and how a woman decided to question a man’s disability and right to use a disability card. Today I want to focus even more on ableism and especially systemic ableism.

Systemic ableism is a system of institutions, policies, and societal values that disadvantage people based on societal values of intelligence, physical ability, and mental abilities.

Systemic ableism consists of numerous barriers such as attitudinal, communication, physical, policy, programmatic, criminal justice, social/environmental, and transportation.

Attitudinal barriers

Attitudinal barriers are one of the most basic barriers and leading problems to other barriers. …

Jahleel Wasser

World traveler and a freelance writer. Educated in social work, with a passion for the rights and dignity of humans and animals.

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